Rock music has always been a great asset as well as source of inspiration and feelings for Niina. She began to think about starting her own band in the beginning of 2000´s. She found bass player Liisa and drummer Laura and they started practicing in the garage of Laura’s parents’ house. The group was completed with lead guitarist Kimmo and they played their first gigs in 2002.

Lots have been going on since that, and also band’s lineup has faced changes. After Kimmo left, the band continued with one guitar only. Then came time to find a new bassist, and Soffe took the place in 2005. The band also wanted to find someone to take the lead guitarist’s spot, and during the years it was first taken by Heidi, then Päivi and after her Heidi again. Viper Arms kept on playing several gigs every year, now even on big festivals like Karjurock, Ruisrock and Saaristo Open.

There were some changes behind the drums too. When Laura left the band in 2015, Jonne took the part for some years. As Jonne later began to focus on educating himself in music and becoming a professional musician, Vesa started as a stand-in drummer. He was introduced as a permanent member of the band in 2019. He has been creating the pulse and rhythm for Viper Arms with Soffe since that. The same year Heidi chose to leave the band, but thanks to Soffe’s scouting, young Helmi was found to fill the lead guitarist’s post.

Over the years band recorded four singles (Closer 2013, Addiction 2014, You Will Not Possess Me 2015, Black Surf 2017) and an EP, but the first LP Black Aura was finally released in 2017. Viper Arms shot some videos too and made a major leap towards being more experienced and competent band with help of Turku Rock Academy.

During the covid-19 pandemic Viper Arms still rehearsed but obviously gigs were scarce. The period without gigs fortunately wasn’t a tragedy for the band, and they got productive making new songs. They recorded a six piece EP Not My First Rodeo in Fantom Studio and released it in the end of 2022.

Viper Arms still keeps on stirring their own melodic but harsh mixture of rock and hard rock. They wish to tour and record as long as it feels good.